Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bill's Book Reviews

This blog is a collection of several of my book reviews, about both fiction and non-fiction. The emphasis is on political and social non-fiction and on novels with social or political importance. You can see all of the reviews at
http://www.doaskdotell.com/books .

Regarding my own authored books:

The best way to search for these books on bn,com and amazon,com is to select BOOKS, AUTHOR (on bn) and Bill Boushka (do not use quotes in the search field on either site), or TITLE (on bn) and Do Ask Do Tell (again, do not use quotes on either site – curiously, using quotes sometimes causes spurious items to appear). Generally these sites offer searches in a number of sort orders, such as sales rank or publication date. On amazon you may have to click “see all 3 items” to bring up the iUniverse item.) (Or, To get to the correct printing on Amazon.com of the first DADT book you may have to click on “Editions” and “Paperback” to get to the current version in print.)

Note: the full URL for the DADT book at iUniverse.com is at Link to iUniverse web page for the first DADT book
The full URL for the sequel "When Liberty is stressed" is Link to iUniverse web page for DADT sequel book, as of 12/16/2002

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