Friday, September 22, 2006

Congrats to Lambda Rising

Lambda Rising is a well-known independent bookstore serving the GLBT community in the mid-Atlantic area. It has stores in Washington, Baltimore, Rehoboth Beach, and Norfolk. Like all independent bookstores, it has had to deal with the tremendous powers and economies of scale of the big chains like Barnes and Noble and Borders (Amazon), even Booksamillion.

In 2006, Lambda Rising was voted "Best Bookstore in DC" in the W*USA 9 2006 A-List Contest. You can check the details by visiting the store's homepage and blogs.

Today, Lambda Rising discusses "Banned Books Week 2006" and mentions Choke, by Chuck Palnhiuk, in which the protagonist sets up a real-world scam to pay for eldercare for his mother. To find the book discussed on Lambda Rising's site is interesting. As I have noted on other blogs, filial responsibility laws in many states could become a not so hidden iceberg for GLBT people. You have to have equal rights to take care of other people. Equal rights can affect and support personal freedom in this paradoxical way.

I haven't gotten the book yet, but I'll have to look into it.

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