Wednesday, September 13, 2006

David A. Rich: 7 Biblical Truths

Title: 7 Biblical Truths You Won't Hear in Church But Might Change Your Life
Author: David A. Rich
Publisher: Harvest House, Eugene Origin
Date: 2006

I saw this book on a spindle rack at a service plaza on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the plaza near Sideling Hill, as I recall. The book is by a man from Allentown, PA whose original name was Matalico.

The seven truths bring a bit of objectivism to Christianity, to concepts that are usually seen as matters of faith. In a sense this sounds a bit like mixing concepts of faith -- the reassurances of a Rick Warren ("The Purpose-Driven Life") with the merciless logic of an Ayn Rand. I won't repeat all the principles here, but he does start out by saying that God doesn't grade on a curve, doesn't give part-credit.

He stays away from polarizing social issues (so does Warren) to focus on his principles. Right and wrong in the real world are often mixed with social prejudcies and the political climate, but not in God's view, where the moral playing field is a carpenter's level.

One point that seems like a corollary. Any one can be subject to temptation. That is not sin. Giving in to temptation, however, is sin and has consequences. Yet sometimes our society and legal system can confuse temptation with "intent" and "propensity." But one sin is not worse than another just because of public reaction or emotion.

This blog is not necessarily focused upon religion, but I wanted to provide some balance against the last review, since religious ideology is driving so many world events (and horrible ones) right now.

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