Monday, October 08, 2007

Time: Global Warming

Time is now selling a special issue “Global Warming: The Causes, The Perils, The Solutions, The Actions, What You Can Do,” 122 pages, paper, heavily illustrated, heavy paper, edited by Kelly Knauer; Writer and Researcher Director: Matthew McCann Fenton.

There are many sections. The book says that global warming is a “theory” in the sense that gravity or relativity is a theory; reputable scientists accept man-abetted global warming since the start of the industrial revolution because of increased carbon dioxide emissions as fact.

The book ends with fifty-one tips about what can be done about this. Some of them are progressive, such as paying bills online to avoid paper waste. But many of the tips question the personally autonomous, labor-saving lifestyles of many people. One tip suggests hanging clothes on a line rather than machine drying. Another is to exchange hand-me-down clothes (sorry, Details and GQ, no more expensive jeans and silk shirts for your models, although doing away with the prudish male necktie is a welcome idea.) Telecommuting sounds like a great idea, but that could confound the physical security of consumer data in some companies. Car pooling has been suggested for years, but some people are on-call and must be able to go into work at any time. The last tip seems to go back to the New Testament. “Consumer Less, Share More, Live Simply.” Even “get to know your neighbors.”

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