Sunday, October 18, 2009

Libraries allow readers to download books, one at a time

Public libraries are exploring “digital lending” of books, in a model in which only one reader can download a particular digital book at a time, according to a story by Mokoto Rich in the October 15 New York Times, “Libraries and readers wade into digital lending”, link here.

Generally, these books cannot be read on Amazon’s Kindle or the Apple iPhone. But still, since visitors can download onto their personal laptops, publishers worry that the practice would ruin sales, as visitors could essentially get personal use copies for free.

Of course, I have no objection if readers do this with my authored books.

Also, look at this column by Ashley Surdin in the Monday, Oct. 19 2009 Washington Post, "In some classrooms, books are a thing of the past : Digital texts gaining favor, but critics question quality", link here.

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