Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thieves filch expensive textbooks from libraries for Internet reselling

Who says that the world has forgotten about printed books? In Prince Georges County, MD, twelve people have been indicted for “filching” books from public libraries (borrowing without the intention to return), reselling them to bookstores or on the Internet, taking advantage of the “residuals” market of book resellers. Over $90000 of merchandise has been pilfered this way. The link for the story (The Washington Post, Metro Section, Nov. 11, by Ruben Castaneda) is here.

The main incentive seems to come from the high price of college textbooks, as these were many of the filched books. Some new textbooks now cost $200 a copy.

Authors complain that the resellers market undermines the sale of their books (especially print-on-demand). However they are still the only source of many out-of-print books, including some that have been reviewed on this blog.

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