Monday, January 03, 2011

WSJ reports on problems with Borders, which reflects on problems in "traditional" publishing for "traditional" authors

Stories in the Wall Street Journal Monday Jan.3 indicated that Borders is having difficulty with its debt and making payments to regular publishers. Jeffrey Trachtenberg has been reporting on the problem, with the latest link (subscription required for full content) here

Part of Borders’s problems may simply be the popularity of online purchases through Amazon, which I thought at one time had taken over hosting Borders. I no longer find my iUniverse books on Borders; they are present on Barnes and Noble (as well as Amazon).

The cash flow problems in the mainstream book industry may befuddle new authors and self-published writers, who find that the traditional world has become so uninviting, even to “midlist” authors (as so well explained in 2001 by Donald Maass in his “Writing the Breakout Novel: Inside Advice for Taking Your Fiction to the Next Level" (Writers Digest Press).

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