Saturday, May 07, 2011

Washington Post runs big article on self-publishing with e-books

The Arts section of the Sunday May 8 Washington Post will have a big story about self-publishing in the e-book business, by Neely Tucker, “Your novel got rejected? Join the e-book gold rush”, link here.

The story gives a good discussion of how the book business is changing so quickly. It’s true, “midlist” fiction authors, particularly of genre novels like romance or spy, would get dropped “mid-career” by their publishers if they didn’t sell enough. The self-publishing model does, in many cases, encourage the offering of a much lower-priced item with much less overhead above the author, although some kinds of marketing help, editing and cover design really takes up a lot of time and work.

As I’ve written before, I went through the whole self-publishing process from 1995-1997 with an editor-proofreader and a book manufacturer myself.  But it’s changed since then.  I had also had an agent review much of my work.

But self-publishing, at least of e-books, came into criticism recently when Amazon had made quite a bit of money off an obviously “inappropriate” e-book (story here Nov. 10, 2010). 

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