Sunday, July 03, 2011

"Rainbow Rumpus" offers 3 children's downloads; families headed by LGBT people

A site called “Rainbow Rumpus” offers a few children’s books about the dynamics of families headed by same-sex couples and other general kids' issues.

Baby Maria” by Mark Huber, illustrated by Jackie Urbanovic.  A child anticipates his mother’s going to Guatemala to pick up a baby sister. Even in this short piece, the idea that parents shape their kids’ own interpersonal loyalties through family comes through clearly.

In “Same, Same” by Amy E. Brandt, the idea of peer rivalry comes into play. What happens when one kid can’t do what his friend can? I have seen criticisms of my own “performance” as a kid in the area of independence from others in my own grade school report cards.  They are a bit of a personal mystery.

The Boy Who Captured the Moon”, by Pratt Ligman, same illustrator, presents a challenge to imagination. A boy imagines he can bring the Moon down to Earth with a lariat, or rope (vocabulary lesson).  You could say the story is a bit of a metaphor to how we learn modern physics.

Each booklet is 32 pages and downloadable now as a separate PDF.

The link is here.

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