Saturday, October 01, 2011

Announcing my booklet "Do Ask Do Tell III": for right now, self-distribution only

As I noted on my main “BillBoushka” blog on Friday, I have recently (as of Sept. 19, 2011), posted an online version of a new “book” in my “Do Ask Do Tell”.

You may find the book by keying in (by http) and looking down the right column for “Do Ask Do Tell III” a few lines.  (There are reasons why I don’t give links to my other sites, having to do with concerns over “link farming”; this one is easy to find). 

The title is “Do Ask Do Tell III: Speech Is a Fundamental Right; Being ‘Listened To” Is a Privilege”.

The online index leads to eight PDF files: a title-TOC, an Introduction, five chapters, and an Epilogue. The document adds up to 87 pages.  I have given two ISBN’s from my DADT series established with the ISBN agency RR Bowker (0-9656744-4-4 and 0-9656744-5-2).  I have printed copies with two slightly different versions of Chapter 5, and posted online the slightly “smaller” version because of the possibility of potential disclosure sensitivities.

I may consider making this an Amazon Kindle later.

This is very “personal” material, and I published it intending to make a “definitive statement” before moving on with resurrecting my music and trying to sell my motion picture plans, in “retirement”, my mother having passed away in December 2010, at age 97.  I’m planning to post another “high level summary” on my main blog in a few days.

The five chapters focus on specific “images” from my life and generate discussions in a few specific areas, with the purpose of generating fresh interpretations. These are: (1) Why I didn’t or pursue a music (composition and piano) career (2)The “meaning” of my homosexuality (3) My “second career” as a self-publisher (4) My mainframe IT career and what really happened to it, leading to the personal tugs at me to follow (5) My experience caring for my Mother .

Picture: (below):  Some people have no shame!

 Below: Tidal Basin near MLK Memorial in Washington DC  : (mine, 9/27/20011)

Update: Nov. 25, 2011

I've updated Chapter 3 with information about SOPA, the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act, in Section 8. I've also added a few details to Chapter 5.

Update: Oct. 16, 2013

I have extensively revised the book and added much new material.  I am submitting it for formal publication as a book.  I believe that the revised text will be posted sometime shortly before the end of the year 2013.  

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