Wednesday, April 11, 2012

US DOJ sues Apple, five major publishers for price-fixing on e-books, in competition with Apple

The US Justice Department has brought suit against Apple and five major trade book publishers for anti-competitive (or “price fixing”) practices in trying to counter Amazon’s dominance in the eBook and Kindle market.  (There is also Barnes and Noble’s Nook to think about.)

Industry observers sometimes claim that Amazon sold Kindle books at a loss to make them popular.  The story is here

In practice, older books are often difficult to continue selling, unless they are best-sellers or hit some popular niche in the how-to markets.  I’ve gotten calls from my own cooperative publisher about slack sales of my old books (the most recent is 2002), and my only principled answer is new material, in this case, a novel.  I’ve discussed it on my main blog and will have some sort of update here soon. 

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