Thursday, May 30, 2013

My two "Do Ask Do Tell" books are available inexpensively on Kindle

I don't use Kindle much (I liked physical books, particularly when on the go) so I had to play with it today to get it repowered, connected to the iPad hotspot for Verizon wireless (for some reason, it can't get past Xfinity security), to download one copy of each of my own two "Do Ask Do Tell" books. These are :Do Ask To Tell: A Gay Conservative Lashes Back" (1997 from my own High Productivity Publishing; republished in 2000 by iUniverse for print-on-demand; see June 5, 2010 here), and "Do Ask Do Tell: When Liberty Is Stressed" (2002, from iUniverse, print-on-demand).

This is "aged" non-fiction that deals with public policy, so it's hard to stay on top of bestseller lists with old stuff.  That's one reason a big update is due this summer (see Oct. 1, 2011 for a preview).  A lot can change in eleven (let alone "eleventy") years.

Once I connected and remembered how to use the Kindle (it's irritatingly clumsy to "type" a search term; I'd rather do it on a PC), the downloads went fast.  My fist book is 183000 words and downloaded in less than a minute.

On Amazon, these Kindles sell for $3.99, which is much less than the price still asked for the hardcopy print.  So Kindle may indeed be a way to keep older books in reasonable circulation.

No, it's not free -- it's realistic.  
For some reason, I didn't see the cover of my first book on the Kindle vtoc -- just the strike page.  Don't know if this is a technical problem.
I got a letter from iUniverse about changes necessary in the book description (like no mention of other editions) for the e-copy -- but my own Kindle seems to work anyway.  I don't know if this means there is another electronic version (like for Nook?)

I guess I'll see $7.98 on my credit card for the downloads, and I'll get back a wee bit of royalty.  Buy your own books!

Update: July 7

I got a silly email from Amazon asking how many stars I would give my own books.  No, I won't rate them.  I just bought them to test the process, inexpensively.

The Barnes and Noble Nook price seems to be $3.48.

Update:  June 2, 2015

The Kindle versions of the first two books are no longer available.  I am trying to find out why.  The third book is available by Kindle.

Update: June 9, 2015

The first two books have been restored to Kindle.  Still working on Nook. 

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