Monday, April 07, 2014

"Without Infrastructure, You Can't Be Social" (that means people)

The other day, I got a “freebie for CM” e-book titled “Without Infrastructure You Can’t Be Social”, 112 pages (PDF)  with subtitles “The Rise in Social Experience Management” and “Do you really know your customers?” The company that publishes it is “Sprinklr, Social Experience Management”, link here with CEO Ragy Thomas.  There are a number of authors, including Jason Keath, Paul Michaud, Don Bullmer and Lara Tumberelli. 

The title threw me at first.  It really refers to a “social infrastructure” of people, not the physical infrastructure, like the power grid or cybersecurity, which I think are pretty essential.   

The company helps clients measure the social media response of their clients’ visitors.

What seems to matter is whether social media visitors to a company’s site in turn interact with each other (outside of obvious places like Yelp and other ratings sites).  

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Jeremy said...

Thanks for your comments and links. Hope you found some value in the eBook.

Let me know if there's anything we can do to help.

VP, Marketing/Sprinklr