Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blue Moon Antique Mall in Lovingston VA

I visited the Blue Moon Antique Mall, on the northbound side of US 29, in Lovingston VA, Saturday.  It offered one of the largest collections of used books on retail I’ve ever seen.  (I think I encountered a similar store near Rochester MN one time.)   I found out about the place from a cover story in the Nelson County Times.

Furthermore, there were three wonderful dogs to greet the visitors.  I did share a book stub from Xlibris for my third “Do Ask Do Tell” book – the first time I’ve actually had them with me when encountering an outlet like this unexpectedly while on the road.

I purchased some old sheet music (the Schumann concerto) and a 1977 book “Journeys out of the Body” by Robert A. Monroe, associated with the Monroe Institute, which I had visited earlier that day.
There may be more point to presenting individual book copies than I had thought.

Many communities have book clubs that meet like once a month (like at the Westover Market in Arlington), but they tend to emphasize items that are naturally popular (regional fiction, mysteries, genres, etc), not social and political issues.  
The Orange County Magazine (VA) reports (Aug. 15) on p. 3, in a story bt Meghann McKnight, on a "local authors book fair" on Sept. 12 in the Wildnerness and Lake of the Woods area.  

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