Friday, October 10, 2014

'Journeys out of the Body" by Robert A. Monroe

Author: Robert A. Monroe (1915-1995)
Title: “Journeys out of the Body”

Publication: Broadway Books, 1971, ISBN 0-385-00861-9, 280 pages, paper
This time, I review an older book, that I picked up in the Blue Moon Antique Mall in Lovingston, VA Aug. 23, 2014, after a brief visit to the Monroe Institute.

The author describes a long record of psychic and “out of body” experiences from the 1950s through the 1960s, many of them near or at his home in North Carolina.

The most interesting concept is that of a “Second Stage” or “Second Body”, which is something like a ghost.  It has very low mass, but some sort of physical body, and can feel sensations, even sexual. Oddly, he mentions that there seem to be no hair follicles (or nails) – maybe because these are “dead” projections of skin cells anyway. 

He also describes  “Locale II” and a “Locale III”.  It seems that “Locale II” is something like “The Core”, or the entry into the afterlife, and it has no real physical geography, although there are sometimes some visions.  But “Locale III” seems to be like another world, another planet – maybe in this galaxy, maybe in another universe.  The lifestyles seem like that of the nineteenth century, without electricity, but there are steam trains and wagons that haul many people.  Later he reports disasters, like buildings collapsing and some kind of danger from the air, which may apply to Locale III.  This place sounds like one of the other dominions in Clive Barker’s novel “Imajica” (March 28, 2006).
He mentions angels, sometimes as appealing people, who seem to have some powers (a bit like Clark Kent in “Smallville” perhaps).  He also mentions having a Faraday Cage, at one point, which is an odd reference in an older book like this.  A Faraday Cage is supposed to protect electronics from an electromagnetic pulse attack.

My own experience with certain kinds of intense dreams backs up some of his ideas.  I have seen a consistent image of “another world” where most living is communal (in dorms), where there are underground trains (that would seem to require electricity), and where some of the communities are in Venice-like layouts near water.  In my dreams, people are placed in “progressive dinner party” communities with varying levels of technology but expected to develop communications and physical skills on their own.  There have occurred a small number of very intimate encounters with a very limited list of persons over a number of years in dreams that sound very real.  I’ve wondered if the other party knows in these cases.  I suspect that is possible, and if so, “telepathy” is a lot more important that friending on Facebook.
Acquiring the ability to do OBE’s seems to require a lot of meditation, relaxation, and special sound tapes, taught in long sessions at the Monroe Institute. 

There is an appendix in which a VA physician gives a personality assessment of Dr. Monroe, which seems a bit like mine.  

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