Monday, February 09, 2015

Newsweek publishes glossy "Off Grid" for doomsday preppers

Supermarkets and pharmacies are selling a mag-booklet “Off Grid: Exploring the End of Life as We Know It: Are You Prepared?”, published by Newsweek. It’s a little strange to see Newsweek, which stopped printing its magazine, go for the Doomsday Prepper crowd. The Introduction (and editing, I guess) is by Les Stroud. The book has 96 pages, heavily illustrated, full sized, glossy.
There are three sections:  Shelter, Sustenance, Survival.

The Shelter section starts with a chapter called “Helter Skelter” about wood shelter construction, moves to a piece about lessons learned from the Bedouins, and then in a piece called “A Place Out of the Sun”.  There is a technology-free zone near the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, where residents, to move there, have to agree not to use cell phones or WiFi.  I have never heard of such a community (except for some “intentional communities”).  I last visited the are in May 2013 and it’s true, in many mountain areas of West Virginia, my cell phone doesn’t work.

The book goes on to have a chapter on ham radio. It then covers a lot of areas obviously important to survivalists.

If we blow civilized living, either because of an unprecedented sudden national catastrophe, or because of a man-made one from our enemies (or even our government, as in the NBC series “Revolution”)

I don’t think I belong in such a world or would have anything to offer it. Not my genes.  

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