Monday, June 15, 2015

National Geographic issue covers "Weed"; new legal medical and recreational use

National Geographic, in the June 2015 issue, offers a big booklet article on “Weed: The New Science of Marijuana”, by Hampton Sides and Lynn Johnson (photos).  There’s a link (paywall) here
One of the most effective pictures is a “crop circle” in Colorado, where some marijuana is grown legaly for recreational use within the state. CNN has recently run a series on legal recreational marijuana in Colorado. It’s still a cash business which banks refuse to do business with, so security problems are enormous.
The potential medical benefits for some people are amazing, such as control seizure disorders, as well as controlling nausea from chemotherapy.  Few natural substances have such a varied effect, from beneficial to dangerous, on the body.
Still, it’s hard to see why approved medications can’t be made “legally” even by federal standards that provide all the benefits to patients who need them, from the chemicals that make marijuana effective.
Marijuana is probably less “harmful” in the quantities used than tobacco and even alcohol. Still, one wonders:  did someone like Jahar Tsarnaev go off the rails as a teen and become susceptible to brainwashing because of pot use?  It seems more dangerous to the developing brain (under age), but so is alcohol.

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