Saturday, April 02, 2016

Children's book authors rush to replace book collection of Michigan child whose home is destroyed in a fire

I’ve not been very active in the mechanics of selling or distributing physical hardcopies of books, although I do order more hardcopies from Amazon than I do Kindle.  That’s largely because of the non-fiction and policy nature of much of my content, although this may change soon somewhat.  Yet, I keep finding more stories of people, especially children, needing books for literacy project reasons, or, in this case, replacing a loss after a fire near Jackson, MI.
This news story by Leanne Smith reports the efforts by authors (mostly children’s) to replace the book collection of Heidi when fire destroyed her family home.  I don’t recall hearing another similar story about such focuses activism from writers.  The story was carried Saturday night on WJLA's News Channel 8 in Washington.

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