Monday, July 18, 2016

"Cosmo" Baton Rogue police killer had authored a self-help series, still on Amazon (Whooops -- now taken down)

Surprisingly, and disturbingly, we learn that the “shooter”, Gavin Long, of several police officers, killing at least three, in Baton Rouge LA early Sunday, July 17, 2016, (story ) had created a book series on Amazon under the pen name Cosmo Setepenra.  As of right now, the self-published series is still available on Amazon, pretty much informally trademarked as “Cosmo”, with the most recent book being titled “The Cosmo Way: A W(H)olistic Guide for the Total Transformation of Melanated People, Vol. 1, the Detox”,  The self-help cure had allegedly included weight loss.

Amazon Prime subscribers can read for free on Kindle as of (1:30 PM 7/18 EDT) now (link removed -- see below). There are a few YouTube videos of his speaking and "promoting" his work.


Actually, this 8:44-long video is rather disturbing to listen to. At about 3:00 he starts talking that going to demonstrations isn't enough, he says people have to fight back. He says that the "establishment" only listens to blood and money (or words to that effect).  He also says that in tribal Africa, women will kill men who come back to villages failing to dispense with enemies.  He also says (at the beginning) that there is a disconnect between white people (European) fighting off the British as their oppressors (during the Revolutionary War) and black people fighting off slavery and discrimination later -- he starts out this way at the beginning of the video, and maybe that makes some sense!

It’s hard to say how long this book entry is likely to stay up.  Amazon has taken down items before when there was public outrage (as with a series in the past advocating pedophilia, as exposed on AC360).

It’s curious that this appears to the a “self-help” series very predicated on racial identification, rather than a "manifesto" from on-high.

Well, it looks like it has been taken down, just about the time of the posting. Coincidence? Caching? Proof of life?

ABC affiliate WJLA did play about 20 seconds of the video today at 5 PM news (I had emailed the link to them).

Update: July 22

CNN reports that a "manifesto" by Long may have surfaced.

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