Sunday, August 28, 2016

On a road trip, intimations of book fairs and why they can matter to publishers

Book fairs are still popular.

While on a trip last week, at a rest stop I saw an announcement for a Green Valley Book Fair between Harrisonburg and Staunton, VA.

Later, when having dinner in Proctorville, Ohio (across the river from Hungtington W Va), I saw a local newspaper story of a book fair to open a local school, as an initial get together and a place for parents to pick up supplies.

There seems to be quite a market for “popular” hardcover books, used, with an artistically low ambition level relative to the interests of many authors, but necessary for public interests in areas like literacy.  They could become relevant to publisher business models.

Wikipedia attribution link CCSA 4.0 (JaGa) for picture of East Huntington Bridge

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