Saturday, August 06, 2016

OutWrite LGBT book fair holds exhibits today.

This was my first event at the DC Center, and first book fair since 2012 in New York, and even then I didn't have a table. I haven't manned my own table since 1998 in Minneapolis at LPMN conventions.
I did exhibit my three "Do Ask, Do Tell" books at the OutWrite LGBT Book Fair today, Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016, in the DC Center, in the atrium of the office building that houses it.

There were perhaps twenty tables, including a couple of independent book stores, fantasy and romance authors, as well as the DC Public Library ("It's Free") and the Signature Theater. There were multiple readings all day, with one of the largest being from "Queer Brown Voices" which will be reviewed on Wordpress soon.  Friday night, there had been a reading and discussion of "Love Unites Us", a history of gay marriage. .  

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