Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Restoring Amazon direct sales links to some book review postings

Today, I have restored Amazon Prime direct sales links to a few books on this blog, and to a number of them on my new Wordpress blogs.

I had started using the Amazon Associates program on this blog in early 2010.  Sometime in 2012, it stopped working through Blogger, and I could not figure out why Blogger always gave an error on it. Eventually, I learned that Amazon had separated it from Blogger.

The program now requires the associate to generate the box links from his/her own Amazon account, bit it appears that the generated html can be pasted into any blog posting on any platform, or into a legacy blog file.

I will try to restore the links for more books over time, and add them for some films and music items.

 This will take a while, and at first I’ll emphasize the items that are more recent, or that are more likely to sell, or that deal with issues of more relevance to my own books and movie proposals.
Some items, especially music, are not available on Amazon but appear on other platforms, like
Bandcamp. I’ll look in to see whether active sales links can be implemented for these.

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