Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Mascot Books in Herndon VA illustrates how cooperative book publishing works for authors

Between traditional trade publishing (based on advances) and total self-publishing there exists an intermediate model that some people call “cooperative publishing.”

Apparently, Mascot Books, in Herndon VA, owned by Naren Aryal, is such a company.  Here is Aryal’s own account of his business model -- and apparently he wants to appeal to previously trade-published authors who need more energy on the distribution side.  He seems to prefer some genres (like children’s) more than others.

Thomas Heath has a story in he Washington Post on p. A12 on Monday, September 5, 2016, This Herndon publisher’s business plan doesn’t go by the book”. Aryal was stiffed by a book distributor and had to take out a home equity loan to keep his business going. His own narrative shows that for him books were business and a living, in a way that “books” have not been for me, where content evolution is the goal.

The video above happens at Herndon Elementary.  I have substitute-taught (usually history) at the high school, across the street as I remember.

Mascot might work for my first full novel, "Angel's Brother", sci-fi, which I hope to have finished editing myself in early 2017.

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