Tuesday, October 18, 2016

"Mission to Mars: Our Journey Continues": nice illustrated supermarket book from Time

Time special editions sells a coffee table closs book “Mission to Mars: Our Journey Continues”, 96 pages, with a Foreword by Buzz Aldrin.

The three parts are “The Journey”, “The Plan”, “The Allure”.

Many of the articles are by Jeffrey Kluger. But one of the most interesting appears on p. 66, “How to sneeze in space”, about the medical challenges people would face during the six month journeys and living for years (maybe for a lifetime) at 38% gravity.

Artificial gravity on a spacecraft doesn't really work when the traveler is not in touch with the "ground".  This is a problem in my own screenplay "Epiphany".

The health problems are considerable, with mineral loss and bone changes, and loss of muscle tone.  The journey might not be approved for people with families;  you wonder if only single and childless people would go.

The section on the other interesting places in the Solar System leaves out Titan, the most interesting moon of Saturn;  instead it focuses on Enceladus and Europa (Jupiter).  The closeup of Pluto is interesting.

It’s interesting that sunsets on Mars would look blue.

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