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Milo's publisher (for "Dangerous") Simon and Shuster threatened with boycotts by reviewers

I’ve just done my pre-order on Amazon for “Dangerous” by Milo Yiannopoulos, “the dangerous faggot”, and already some critics are protesting Simon and Shuster (through its Threshold imprint) for giving him “the privilege of being listened to

Some of the criticisms are temperate enough, such as Alice Jones on “News UK” “My View” column, “We need to talk about Yiannopoulos” (his name got misspelled in the heading – easy to do).

Here’s a Breitbart article with “unlisted” video (note what YouTube means by “be considerate” if you try to embed it)  where Milo allegedly harassed an transgender statement.    I didn’t see it that way.  I saw it more as “toughen up, get a thick skin”.  I had to do this when I was younger.  I had no safe spaces or trigger warnings.  So, sometimes, I think people should.  If I didn’t, somebody else would have to take the risks for me.   Sometimes it does seem like there is a lot of whining around.

Earlier, Milo had reported a literary agent in the UK dropping him after he was permanently suspended from Twitter over the Leslie Jones and Ghostbusters matter. But he got published, big.
Simon and Shuster made this statement on the “outrage” over the publication.

But some critics wanted they would boycott all of Simon and Shuster, as in this Huffington Post story.  That's a horrible picture of him on the Huffington article, digitally doctored, making him look old, to show (like Oscar Wilde) that we can all grow ugly with age in a time machine.  In the Gaurdian, Adam Morgan of the Chicago Review of Books explains why it won't review any S-S books for a year, even if it hurts other authors ("unfair"), because, Morgan claims, Milo incites violence in mentally unstable people like Dylan Roof.  Milo loves to post all these stories in his own Facebook timeline (which he still has).  Elle also published a strident article by Sady Doyle about the threat of Milo's book.

Milo has also suggested that the magnification of his "attack' on Leslie Jones, getting him suspended, as a publicity stunt to keep "Ghostbusters" tickets selling (Breitbart).  I haven't seen the film (just the 80s original).  Here's Guardian article on Studio handling of cult actor roles.

That’s dangerous to me, even.  I suspect that Milo will say some of the same things I say in my three “Do Ask Do Tell” books back to 1997.  I am not as strident as Milo, and am reasonably careful with the choice of words (I’ve learned to be as I got older).  I’m not with “anti-intellecutalism” and excessive “populism” (I think climate change is real) but some of Trump’s ideas (like paying attention to foreign enemies, to infrastructure security  and having more manufacturing jobs at home) do make sense, if implemented properly.  I’m capable of wild, dangerous fantasies but probably would say them to Billy Bush.  Normally, I’m a “gaycon” myself.  Yet, I’ve gotten a couple blistering criticisms a little like what Milo gets, such as in one particular review   ("Incoherent") of my first book (or "screed") and also on these two emails sent to me in 2006/2007 (note the tone of the second review especially)   and I’ve been flamed a few times, like (on AOL's old disbanded Movie Grille) for favorably commenting on how Sebastian Junger treats the subject of “freelancing” for a living and its dangers in his book and movie “A Perfect Storm” (by a “BeeBopBob4”), mainly by “anti-intellectualists” who want everyone to have his own skin in the game (like by having kids) before having a public voice.

Some of Milo’s other statements about his personal preferences ought to defuse any ideas that he is personally “racist”.  I have yet to run across anything myself that should be “banned”.  But you wonder, what happens on Twitter or social media when people go after a celebrity who has been made the (T)Rump of a joke.

I have to remember another (Aussie) friend online, who tweeted “Whoops, England”? – informing me of Brexit.  So then, after all, Milo is a Brit (with a Greek name).  He can’t run for president.  Don’t worry.  (He can run for prime minister in the UK with the far right, though.)  By the way, Milo has made a great trademark (trade dress) from his first name.

Update: Feb. 14, 2017

Amazon informs me that the book will not be available until June 13, 2017.

Update: Feb. 20, 2017

Milo says on Facebook that they canceled his book after the supposed "pedophilia video" flap.  The real facts are not quite clear yet to me, and I'll try to decipher exactly what happened.  I have commented on Facebook that I hope he self-published it.  The order is still on my Amazon queue right now.

Update: Feb. 21, 2017

Milo now says he has offers from other publishers and that the book should be out about when he had expected in June.

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