Friday, January 13, 2017

Preview of "Men Without Work", "Mo More Heroes", "Steel and Promise"

Here’s a little sneak preview of some paperback books that have come my way.

(Sales images will be provided as the books are reviewed in much more detail on Wordpress in the future.)

Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis”, Templeton Press, Philadelphia, 2016, by Nicholas Eberstadt at the American Enterprise Institute, 206 pages, looks at the trend for men in their prime working years, 25-55, to stop looking for work, to live with parents, and to become “watchers” or “spectators”.  Immigrant men are less likely to do this than native men, and married men following conventional gender roles, with children, are certainly less likely.  The trend continues into the 60s as people live longer and expected retirement ages increases.  One problem could be the quality of jobs, though;  the loss of manufacturing, and the rise of hucksterism.  This book was the subject of a forum on Jan. 10 at the Cato Institute in Washington.
No More Heroes: Grassroots Challenges to the Savior Mentality”, AK Press, Baltimore, by Jordan Flahterty, forward by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, takes the position that people who do charity work to “save: poorer people think that they’re better than the people their “saving.”  The book seems to challenge individualistic ways of looking at people, even the idea of “right-sizing”, and suggest that people need to belong to groups and movements.  The trouble is that even within egalitarian movements there is politics and pecking orders.

Steel and Promise”, by Alexa Black, Liberty Press, 2016, is a Science Fiction fantasy in another galaxy, presented at AGLA last month, but on the day of an ice storm so it wasn’t well attended.  Another presentation may happen. (A storm lowered attendance at one of my book signing parties, in Moorhead MN, back in 2000.) 

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