Saturday, March 04, 2017

Newsweek's "Hitler" The Evolution of Evil" seems all too appropriate now

Newsweek offers a 100-page gloss table-top booklet, “Hitler: The Evolution of Evil” with the subtitle, “Can he happen again?”  The booklet has two parts: “The Kingdom of Hatred” and “Evil on the Rise Again”.

It used to sound amazing that a nation could be duped by someone who had been an adaptive failure early in life (and who had unrequited desire for recognition for mediocre artistic talent). 
Of course, there was hyperinflation, unemployment, the burden of reparations, and the resentment of the elites.  Individualism wasn’t possible, but hyper-nationalism was, starting as populism.  Dumb.  Low IQ.  Stupid. 

Is history repeating itself?  It’s pretty shocking that Donald Trump could mobilize the proletariat and get it chanting “Lock Her Up” and “Build that Wall” as if he were conducting an imaginary orchestra. 

 And today, there is the Wiretap Tweet Storm on about the level of Comet Ping Pong. 

This is a good place to re-mention Lothar Machtan's 2001 book "The Hidden Hitler: The Double Life of a Dictator" (Basic Books, translated from German) which sounds so blase dispensing "Hitler's homosexuality", legacy review
Here’s a typical collection of free response answers on how Hitler pulled off his swindle of the masses. 

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