Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Neuro-Quantology journal offers comprehensive view of personal consciousness that compares it to a black hole

Dirk K. F. Meijir and Hans J.S. Geesink have a paper “Consciousness in the Universe Is Scale Invariant, and Implies and Event Horizon of the Human Brain”.  The paper is shared on a free PDF at this link in the Epoch Times, which leads to this PDF in Neuro-Quantology. 
The brain is depicted as a receptacle that becomes closely bound (through microtubules) to a fourth-dimensional torus-like “work space” that integrates a set of information. The brain is compared to a black hole that has its own event horizon. Once inside it, you are inside a personal identity which takes shape because of its tight integration.

After death the information would still exist.  It might be integrated again into some other system that becomes tightly bound – the afterlife would comprise integrated consciousness that can redistribute back to parts.  When you have a muscle twitch, it has a “mind of its own” and wants to twitch, but your brain overrules it. “Muscle memory” (in playing piano or in hitting baseballs) might be a kind of locally distributed identity which the brain overseas.  

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