Sunday, December 31, 2017

"What Facebook Did to American Democracy", according to The Atlantic (that is, the elites like me)

Here’s another booklet-length article, “What Facebook Did to American Democracy” (“and why it was so hard to see it coming”) by Alexis C. Madrigal. 

Facebook simply curated the personalized news streams with its algorithms to what people “wanted” to see.  I don’t blame Mark Zuckerberg (even if Mark is an extraterrestrial alien, or is slightly “autistic” like me) for that. 

I think there is simply too great a cultural schism between the “elites” and the “average Joe’s” (the “Trader Joe” mentality). There was a tendency for people to organize themselves loosely out of resentment, without any specifics as to how to fix real problems like health care (hint: do your math first – and that requires elites).


The Russians took advantage of the fact that “elites” “like me” wouldn’t even care what “average Joe’s” thought because we did not hold them in high regard personally.  The “elites” don’t want to rule the world with an oligarchy, but someone like Donald Trump or Putin will pretend he cares about “them” when we won’t even bother. 

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