Monday, January 22, 2018

"Moron Corps": short book that would accompany "McNamara's Folly"

Author: John L. Ward, with Dr. William E. “Gene” Robertson
Title: “Moron Corps: A Vietnam Veteran’s Case for Action
Publication: Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co., 2012, ISBN 978-1-62212-207-3, 95 pages, paper, 12 chapters (link)

This short personal account is mentioned in Hamilton Gregory’s “McNamara’s Folly”.  The writer enlisted in the Marine Corps as one of “McNamara’s Morons”, so to speak, although his performance generally outruns most of his peers, and the book (with some help) is reasonably well written.   The book is more about the treatment of Vietnam veterans with PTSD and herbicide damage than about the social bad faith of the “Moron” program, which he admits was supposed to provide job training.

He would serve in Vietnam and be wounded once, and recover, only later to have serious health problems from Agent Orange and herbicides, and to get short shrift from the VA and civilian bosses.
He claims, on the last page, that he has a “narcissistic personality” but sees nothing wrong with promoting your victimhood. He provides a lucid discussion of Affirmative Action for government contractors regarding war veterans.

He also notes Dr. Martin Luther King's strong radicalism in a 1967 speech. 
He says he supports the military draft when necessary, and maintains we may be headed back toward it, with all the Stop-Loss policies of the Iraq war. 

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