Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Another infamous "Manifesto": "Industrial Society and Its Future"

Once in a while I cover the topic of “objectionable” content, especially “manifestos” written by people who went on to commit crimes. Indeed, the idea of a “manifesto” has gotten a bad name, as prospective for its author of future anti-social behavior. He wants to be viewed from on high.
Ted Kacznyski, the Unabomber, apparently will spend the rest of his days almost in solitary confinement among “the worst of the worst” at ADX Florence, Colorado.   

But he may be ruminating in the belief that he accomplished something with his “Manifesto”, “Industrial Society and Its Future”   This little paper (35000 words) put "Luddite" into everyday vocabulary. 

Kaczynski, remember, “threatened” the New York Times and Washington Post into publishing it in 1995, in the days just before self-publication on the Web was possible.  Penthouse never published it.  The New York Times still has the link here.  
He perhaps says some useful things.  The talks about over-socialization of people, which he believes contributes to the political coalition that we generally know as the Left. He blames conservatives more for technology, which he thinks can lead society into a trap.  Maybe that’s where we are today with the electromagnetic pulse threat, which generally only conservatives talk about.

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