Wednesday, July 18, 2018

GQ has booklet article on David Hogg's early activism, and how even mainstream conservatives have choked on it

Here’s a booklet-length article in GQ (Gentleman’s Quarterly), “The Sliming of David Hogg and Emma Gozalez”, by Mari Uyehari 

It is dated late March, 2018, just before David’s 18th birthday (Aries).

But the article notes how the conspiracy theories on Hogg et al moved from the lunatic fringe to almost the conservative mainstream. 

It also notes that Hogg definitively does not call for repeal of the Second Amendment, which former Justice Stevens called for.

David Hogg has practically “ordered” his followers to get active in political campaigns rather than just pontificate on their own.  That requires social salesmanship, not just intellect and reason. In fact, I have resisted involvement in partisanship, but that’s another discussion.  He’s also very recently taken up the incarceration issue.

There is a recreation in animation of Cruz's movements on YouTube, here

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