Sunday, August 19, 2018

"Music and the Brain": e-book from Scientific American

Scientific American has been selling some interesting e-books on intriguing topics about consciousness, the universe, music, math, and the connections thereof.

Music and the Brain, introduction by Karin Tucker, explores the way the mathematical nature of music comports with the development of the human brain.

Musical training and performance tends to improve performance in other academic areas (especially mathematics) and when pursued throughout life is likely to delay or prevent dementia.  Music has also been effective as therapy for dementia and is becoming an occupation.  Sometimes professional musicians can earn additional income by performing in retirement or assisted living centers.

Music prodigies sometimes display some degree of Asperger’s or mild autism, particularly if the gifts are very intense (like perfect pitch).  Musical gifts correspond to developing other areas of the brain beauses those most usual, as with some other animals.
The book has four sections: (1) “Your Brain on Music; (2) “Music and Mathematics”; (3) “Music and Language Skills” (including “speaking in tones”, not tongues); (4) “Music and Movement”, including dance (probably dirty dancing).  The ISBN is 978-1-948933-01-8.

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