Thursday, December 20, 2018

"Wind-up Train Book": a model train little toy world (3 of them) inside a children's book

Here’s something different, and maybe a Christmas present.

It's a mechanical train-set that offers three micro worlds to live in, as if they were O'Neill nodes on a space station. 

Usborne Farmyward Tales presents the “Wind-Up Train Book with Model Train and 3 Tracks”.

It is illustrated by Stephen Cartwright. It’s based on stories by Heather Amery, designed by Helen Woodm rewritten by Alex Forth, edited by Gilliam Dpherty, with additional illustrations by Erica Harrison and Non Taylor.
There are three layouts where a windup engine can run and switch directions through loops, which is not possible when a rail is electrified. You could prove mathematical theorems about how many times a train can change directions in a particular.

Maybe you could make a toy like this with a true Mobius strip.

I bought this at the Greenberg trains show at Dulles Airport in Virginia. 
There is an ISBN 978-0-7945-2192-9.

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