Wednesday, January 23, 2019

"I Know My Rights: A Children's Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty", at LibertyCon2019 conference in Washington

Author: Rory Margraf

Illustrator: Andreea Mironiuc

Title: “O Know My Rights”

Subtitle: “A Children’s Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty

Publication: 2018, Self, ISBN 079-1729436165, paper, heavily illustrated, 44 pages (unnumbered), published in Columbia SC (also Philadelphia, Phoenix)

The author seems to be a teen/young adult who says he was unaware of his Fourth Amendment rights in an incident at age 16 when he allowed an illegal search by police.
The book was sold at a table at LibertyCon2019 in Washington DC at the Marquis Hotel on MLK weekend.

There was another table nearby with some other libertarian books, largely non-fiction, some self-published.

The book gives simple explanations of all the first ten Amendments in the Bill of Rights (179, now 228 years ago).
He describes the rights as “natural entitlements”.

His discussion of the First Amendment refers to the right to “share any idea” but others don’t have to listen.  He does not say that Internet access by itself is presumed as a right.

He discusses the idea of “self-ownership” and the idea “only you are in control of your life.”  This idea has become challenged especially by the political Left because it presumably leaves to chance resolution of hereditary inequality (of opportunity).  Property is considered part of self-ownership.

The Tenth Amendment is referred to as being about “states’ rights” which was a contentious topic when I was growing up.

He lists all the other amendments.  The Fourteenth has the incorporation clause, which often precludes state laws that take away individual rights.  It sounds shocking but some on the Right talk about repealing the Nineteenth Amendment, which provides for women to vote.
My own 1998 booklet “Our Fundamental Rights” discusses these rights in a “reorganized” conceptual fashion.  

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