Sunday, January 20, 2019

"Impeach Donald Trump": Atlantic releases booklet article by Applebaum due in March 2019 print issue

The March 2019 print edition of The Atlantic will include a long article by Yoni Applebaum, titled bluntly “Impeach Donald Trump”. The online was released today.

Applebaum relies on the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson to build his argument.  I had not been aware that Johnson was so unwilling to honor the Fourteenth Amendment (maybe I don’t remember all my 11th grade Va and US history) and nearly leading to a Second Civil War.

An impeachment would so weaken and preoccupy the presidency that the president would have to modify his behavior – maybe.
But if the shutdown continued (it could end with 2/3 vote overrides) private trusts would have to be tapped to pay federal workers. 

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