Thursday, January 17, 2019

"The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" and Facebook's experiments, before 2016

The Wall Street Journal offers a “Bookshelf” preview of a new book by Soshana Zuboff, “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” with the subtitle “The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power”, published by Public Affairs, 704 pages, published Jan. 15. 
Frank Rose authors the review; he is a senior fellow at the Columbia University School for the Arts.
The problem is that the business model doesn’t sustain free services unless you become the product for sale.

Maybe regular hosting (like we used before social media) and search engines worked better – when we had just Web 1.0.  I flourished then.

The author teaches at Harvard and will surely have David Hogg in her class.

“When you’re immersed in something it is really hard to notice it.”  She talks about “economies of action”. Remember Facebook’s “contagion experiments”?  How about social comparisons? Youtube gay videos are metaphors for something much bigger.
She says Facebook is depriving most users of the ability to think for themselves – except for the well-educated.

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