Friday, February 22, 2019

Natgeo long article: "Life probably exists beyond Earth"

Jamie Shreeve has an article “Life Probably Exists BeyondEarth; So How Do We Find It?” on National Geographic.

The photos are by Spencer Lowell, with art by Deena Barry.

The article mentions a software designer who has spent ten years in rural northern California supporting an array of radio telescopes, and Russian venture capitalist, Yuri Milner, who is looking for alien civilizations.

Many of these might be around smaller M stars and be located in twilight zones of tidally locked planets. That would be politically dicey.

Relativity says you can’t even pass information faster than the speed of light (partly because with quantum entanglement the observer affects the particles – who don’t like to be stared at) –  so if you could pass a person’s consciousness through a wormhole shortcut – could the person rent a body on a visit to another planet, maybe the same body with every visit?  Like renting a car or Airbnb.

The article (from March 2019) darkens and asks you to log in.  I did, and it asked for the account number from the print version, which I don’t have (I have the digital account, but has the print expired?).  How clumsy.  But you can still read the darkened vision.  Maybe I can find a print for this issue at the supermarket tomorrow.

(Picture: Baltimore science museum)

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