Saturday, April 20, 2019

Brittany Pettibone ("What Makes Us Girls") asks "Why Are Books Becoming so Terrible?" -- answer: SJW's

Brittany Pettibone , author of “What Makes Us Girls”  (Reason Books, 2018, 152 pages – she has a few signed copies left)  does a video“Why Are Books Becoming so Terrible?

She starts out by explaining how New York literary agents work – and I had some experience with one (Mike Sullivan) in the 1990s with my first “Do Ask Do Tell” book.  Predictably, the bias of most agents is toward the Left.

Then she migrates the specific genre of young adult fiction, and, you guessed it, the social justice warries have invaded it like termites.

Really, there are so many sins that contradict each other. For a white author to dare to create a black character.  But, aw, to have only white heroes, to have black or Muslim villains.  You can imagine where this heads.

Kat Rosenfeld  explains all in a Vulture article The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter”. 

Similar concerns have invaded Hollywood, and even television series.  I have to admit, “The Good Doctor” transcends this problem because the autistic hero surgeon of the series becomes a better person than everyone else and has his own kind of charisma – so the series gets beyond SJW political correctness that views disability as a group. But think of the popular series like TheWB’s  “Smallville”, about a teenage Clark Kent, which started in 2001. Today it would be seen as too white-centered.

I didn’t pay much attention to this in the two short stories at the end of my DADT III book (2014), but it could undermine my novel (“Angel’s Brothers”) where the two leading characters (there are dual omniscient observers) are gay men, one middle aged and white, the other of Latino background but described as white (which is very common in Texas).  I make the high ranking CIA official a PoC woman, but that won’t satisfy the SJW’s.  I’ll get into this again on my Wordpress blog about the progress of my own work.

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