Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Foreign Affairs takes on ethnic nationalism in Europe

The March/April issue of Foreign Affairs offers, on p. 61, a long essay by Lars-Erik Cederman, “Blood for Soil: The Fatal Temptation of Ethnic Politics”, link

The writer is a professor of International Conflict Research at ETH Zurich.

The combination of growing inequality and the hardships imposed by helping the migrants in Europe have given rise to ethnic nationalism in some countries, especially in eastern Europe.

Often, as with Trump in the US, it is rural whites who feel they are being sacrificed for abstract (to them) goals like climate change.  And some will look to authoritarian figures like Orban or Erdogan to make an ethnic group for them and expropriate by force from their enemies and make things right. Trump is not as bad as some of these dictators in Europe.
In Poland, some politicians no go after gays as enemies of “Christian western culture”.

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