Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Martine Kalaw: "Illegal Among Us: A Stateless Woman's Quest for Citizenship", book preview, long immigration narrative starting in Zambia

TASSC International (the Torture Abolition Survivors and Support Coalition) in Washington DC had an event today, which I did not attend, with author Martine Mwanj Kalaw, of the Huffington Post, along with her legal team. 

She is author of  Illegal Among Us: A Stateless Woman’s Quest for Citizenship”, from Sunbury Press, 263 pages.  It is also called  “Woman Without an Identity”.

Her life story, originating with her father’s desertion and mother’s death from AIDS in Zambia, and her lengthy period in the US as undocumented and the assistance she received in getting citizenship, is quit intricate, as summarized here.

The story would touch on the DACA issue today.

It would also bear on the question of what can American citizens do on their own (legally) to help persons in her situation.
I purchased a Kindle copy and should do a detailed review later.

Wikipedia attribution link for p.d. photo of Victoria Falls. 

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