Friday, July 19, 2019

Buzzfeednews covers the Andy Ngo beating in Portland OR in detail, and shadows his career

Joseph Bernstein has a booklet length article on Buzzfeednews of his shadowing of the career of journalist Andy Ngo, who was attacked with serious head injuries while filming an Antifa demonstration in Portland OR.

David Rubin’s interview with Ngo is interesting, where at 22:00 Ngo explains how some Antifa people rationalize petty political violence because they see speech by the “privileged” as a kind of implicit violence, because the right (according to them) is a lot more responsible for terror and violence against marginalized groups than even the far Left, and there is some validity to that.
Bernstein gives he history of Ngo’s career, building it up and suggests that Ngo benefits from the notoriety of covering psychologically unhinged people.  Indeed, the expectation of coverage may encourage more violent protests.  He also covers Ngo’s family’s experience with communism in Vietnam after the US left in 1975.

Wikipedia attribution link for downtown Portland OR picture, CCSA 3.0. 

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