Saturday, September 28, 2019

So, how many copies does the average book sell in a lifetime?

I’m getting a lot of calls and proposals regarding various kinds of campaigns for my three “Do Ask, Do Tell” books (2000/1997, 2002, 2014) and one problem is that they are aged now, non-fiction (except for the last half of #3).

I do have my own idea of what to do about this, but I thought I would share a perspective from an author, Kameron Hurley, who apparently writes religious apocalyptic fiction: “Books sold + marketability + love”.

She describes two of her series, “God’s War” and “Mirror Empire”.  It’s apparent that she, as she says, runs this as a focused business, a somewhat genre item.

My own work, on the other hand, is spread across the Universe (no pun on the name of a prominent POD company  -- I’m talking about quantum entanglement).

She notes that the “average book” sells 3000 copies in its lifetime (does that include audio, e-book)?  And it sells 250-300 in its first year (I was able to do that in 1997-1998 with DADT 1).

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