Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Time Magazine special issue: "2050: How Earth Survived" climate change

The September 23, 2019 issue of Time is a Special Climate Issue. The feature story is “2050: How Earth Survived”, by Bill McKibben. The lead story is “2050: Fight for Earth” and describes a plausible scenario from mid-century (when David Hogg or Cameron Kasky will be old enough to have become president).

He predicts a huge Gulf hurricane in late October 2020 before the election, giving the Democrats a huge electoral win for the presidency. 

A wretched century is better than a catastrophic one.  Some of the results are obvious.  Beach properties had to move inland, and many real estate bankruptcies occurred. Private cars started being banned more in many city centers.  New York City got a taste of that with World Pride.

McKibben also takes the position that strong action was taken to reduce the wild inequalities, perhaps cracking down on inheritances, as the Gini Curve started to flatten.
The issue has essays by Al Gore (he has hope for the climate-change battles), Aryn Baker (who describes Jacobabab, Pakistan, the hottest city on Earth, and then (with Mbar Toubab. “The Great Green Wall of Africa”, Jane Goodall (reasons to be hopeful), Clara Nugent (rewilding the UK), Justin Worland (The Climate Caucuses), Peter Thomson (Preserve Ocean Life), and most of all, Matt Sandy and Uniao Bandeorantes, “The Tipping Point” about the deforestation of the Amazon.

Stephen Hawking had warned that Mankind needs to colonize another planet within 100 years, maybe Proxima B (radiation problems for openers).  But we would have to select who gets to go. 

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