Sunday, October 13, 2019

"Making Your Home Among Strangers": Latina author's novel burned at a Georgia college because she isn't "minority" enough

Students at Georgia Southern University (Statesboro) actually burned (Fahrenheit-451 style) copies of lecturer Jennine Capo Criucet’s novel “Making Your Home Among Strangers”, 2015, St. Martins Press. The book had been assigned reading in some classes.  (Have my books ever been assigned reading?  Maybe once or twice in Minnesota, where I gave two college lectures in 1998-1999). 

Amir Vera and Natalie Johnson have the incident story on CNN. 
Activists seemed to believe the author did not have the authority to write or speak about minority experiences. But she has spoken at thirty other colleges and nothing like this has happened.
Patch has a story about “banned books week”. 

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