Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New Zealand publisher withdraws publishing James Flynn's book on free speech out of fear that it extra-contextually would violate hate speech laws

Sky News Australia interviews James Flynn, New Zealand author of a manuscript “In Defense of Free Speech”.  The publisher in New Zealand balked at publishing it at the last moment out of fear of offending hate speech laws in New Zealand and Australia and Europe.  

Flynn had discussed Charles Murray’s “Bell Curve” and even disagreed with the possible interpretation that there are genetic factors in race v. IQ differences.  Flynn argues that it is in the final analysis environmental (and about colonialism in the past). But the mere fact that he had restated Murray’s argument meant that it could be taken out of context and incite violence (???)
Flynn says that societies have reached the point where political or social power to enforce norms trumps the ability to look for deeper truths.  But that is how it was in the Middle Ages.

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