Thursday, October 10, 2019

Preview of Rothwell's manifesto "A Republic of Equals"

I received a complimentary copy of “Republic of Equals: A Manifesto for a Just Society” by Jonathan Rockwell, Princeton University Press, 2019, 384 pages, with index and endnotes, very long appendix, the ten chapters run 294 pages.  Rockwell is a principle economist at Gallup and a visiting scholar at the George Washington University in Washington DC.

I suppose using the word “manifesto” in a book title has become a bad thing by now!

The author explains pervasive inequality (as in the Piketty book, July 20, 2014) in terms of unequal access to markets, which has built up over time particularly with respect to race in the United States because of the long tail of slavery and segregation, with practices, for example, like real estate redlining or unequal access to credit, which tends to reinforce itself with circularity. Obviously unequal public schools figures in.  I can recall when I was living in Dallas in the 1980s how many families would move to the areas north of I-635 to have access to “Richardson schools” (or Plano). 

Here is a summary on Kirkus Reviews.
Here’s a typical recent piece by the author in the New York Times, “the social effects of television”, which obviously would extend to social media.

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