Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A word of "Warning" and the effectiveness of anonymous speech (well, whistleblowing)

“Anonymous” says that he or she (“they”) remains anonymous as the author of “A Warning” (published by Twelve) so that readers may focus on the content and not the personhood .  Alexander Hamilton and James Madison remained anonymous for part of the time leading to ratification of the Constitution, they said, CBS News  story. The author may reveal their identity in January. 

“A threat to America,” according to a senior Trump administration official.

The book says, “everyone is chief of staff except the chief of staff” and speculates that Pence might get dumped.

The president is reported to have considered naming illegal migrants as “unlawful combatants” for Guantanomo Bay.

My own book would have had no political impact (on gays in the military back in the 90s) had I remained anonymous “to protect the family.”

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