Saturday, November 23, 2019

Article in conservative magazine resembles Damore's, causes ruckus at Indiana University when a professor tweets a link to it

I’m going to treat this as a “booklet” because of its topicality.

An Indiana University business professor drew demands for his firing after he tweeted this UNZ article about campus environments by Lance Welton, “Are Women Destroying Academia? Probably

It says that the article is 1500 words long, but it doesn’t look it.

The article suggests that males are more likely to be geniuses because of male instability and inpredictability and dependence on logical processing with less attention to feelings or agreeableness. 

 But Welton is right in that students need to learn to deal with other people’s ideas even if they could be threatening.  I’ve seem this my whole life.

Maybe, that sounds like James Damore’s ideas, but in this case the particular professor who wrote the tweet has more issues with homophobia, reportedly. Furthermore, Damore suggested inclusiveness of everyone on an individual basis, simply not quota-consciouesness. 

When I was in grad school at KU in the mid 1960s a female student finished and went on to a PhD program at the University of Illinois.
It’s true that some of the spectacular science fair type achievements have been from young males (Jack and Luke Andraka, Taylor Wilson, John Fish) but I’m not sure if I have a real sample and have looked at the female accomplishments.  I may be biased in simply hanging around or paying attention more to people who appeal to me personally.  

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