Sunday, November 03, 2019

Foreign Policy issue makes strong arguments for open borders

Bryan Caplan has a booklet-like article in Nov. 2019 Foreign Affairs, “Open Borders Are a Trillion-Dollar Idea”. Cato has already been tweeting it around.
Yup, most of the objections are political and cultural.  Immigrants commit less crime (as a totality), and add skills and willingness to work. They know how to run small businesses.  Their kids pick up English immediately.
Yet, Open Borders have come to be viewed as a placard of the radical Left.  You have to have countries, sovereignty.  Well, maybe you don’t forever, but you can’t make changes that quickly.  You can perhaps settle intentional communities within and make them autonomous.
Last night, at a post-Halloween party I happened to spot someone who had been at one of these abolish-ICE protests.  Yet he was perfectly intact, steady, seated in his own life.  Not everyone on the “Left” is as crazy as the neo-liberal YouTube channels (Tim Pool) claim. The truth is half way between Pool and Pakman.
Of course, there’s another side to it.  Maybe the poorest countries need to keep some of their talent so they can recover.

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